Sunday, September 13, 2020

Incredible animated video sales letters on demand to sell your products

Incredible animated video sales letters on demand to sell your products and services! Deliver your message in a way that would emotionally connect with your audience.  Explainer videos to showcase your product and service with background music, sound effects and a voiceover to capture attention. The perfect way to present online or offline. FORGET “months-learning” multiple software, technology or skills to create animation videos that sell… FORGET “trial-and-error” voiceover artists to record your script in a voice you like…    SAY YES, to “ON-A-SHOESTRING-BUDGET” and “CAN-DO-IN-MINUTES” with “CLICK-EDIT-ANIMAYTE” highly professional, pre-made templates for studio quality ...  ... Animated explainer videos, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, social media videos, landing page videos, video ads, video sales letters, blog post videos and much, much more... . It's easy to use and flexible to edit plus there are plenty of customisation options and I for sure definitely recommend Animaytor. Quite frankly, it’s a total nightmare. It's stressful, time-consuming and the most expensive part of every business online.  And it’s why many businesses do NOT have these money attracting videos because the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of businesses onto a shoestring budget. EVERYONE that uses animation videos, demand more attention, capture massive audiences and convert them into paying customers.  That's why an astonishing 96% watch explainer videos before investing more into products and services.  It's no wonder Youtube gets 5,000,000,000 views and Facebook clocking 8,000,000,000 video views every day.   CURL UP IN A Corner, CRY ... & PRAY! images  Imagine paying $150.00 per hour for 3 weeks for a video?  That’s a minimum of $12,000 and that’s being conservative.  But what if you need 5 videos?  Can you imagine forking out a staggering $60,000 upfront during these unprecedented times? There is NO one-price-fits-all and it depends on how great the agency makes their presentation to sign you up. It does require a lot of manual time and energy because you need a voiceover artist to record your script in the tone you like...

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